Svetlana Schoenhals

Svetlana Schoenhals PRESENTED
Acoustic Pads at Techtextil 2019

Thanks to its low weight, Freudenberg’s noise-absorbing material is also an excellent way to reduce weight in the car.
This makes it an ideal material for electric and hybrid vehicles, where weight is a critical success factor.

Watch the video of her live filmed interview - now available here!

« Everyone else is trying to reduce
the weight of materials with good acoustic properties.
We went the other way round, taking a very
light material and improving its acoustic properties »

Svetlana Schoenhals, Sales Manager


Acoustic Pads

Good acoustics in vehicles increase driving comfort. This factor is also very important for electric cars, as the alternative drives are quieter than combustion engines and other noises of different frequencies are more strongly perceived. Freudenberg’s extremely lightweight acoustic pads feature exceptionally high noise absorption.

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