Mark Kaminski

Mark Kaminski PRESENTED

Excellent insulation that keeps you warm and comfortable – whatever the weather.
The fiber balls create a uniform structure that produces a smooth, soft and highly thermo-efficient insulating padding.
70% of the product is made from recycled PET bottles – and each average-sized jacket uses around six bottles that would otherwise go to waste.

Watch the video of his live filmed interview - now available here!


« We substitute down with an insulating padding
made from recycled PET bottles.

This offers consumers an eco-friendly,
high-performance alternative. »

Mark Kaminski, Business Development Manager Thermal Insulation


comfortemp® fiberball

Highly functional outerwear and sustainability can happily go hand in hand. The comfortemp® fiberball eco version was launched in cooperation with our partner PYUA.
This eco-friendly company uses only recycled materials and even recycles its own jackets.

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