Dr. Arun Venugopal

Dr. Arun Venugopal PRESENTED
Underbody Shields at Techtextil 2019

In the quest to reduce vehicle weight without compromising structural integrity or performance, the underbody shield offers an ideal weight-saving opportunity.
Using special construction techniques and materials, Freudenberg has developed a new underbody shield that is lighter than the vast majority of existing products.

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« When it comes to ultra-light underbody shields,
there is as yet no industry standard.
This means you can really make a difference here,
develop something new and shape the future
of automotive manufacturing. That is what we have achieved. »

Dr. Arun Venugopal, Strategic R&D Manager Underbody Systems


Underbody Shields

Motivated by ever-stricter emissions standards, lightweight construction is clearly the way forward for the automotive industry. Because the lighter the vehicle, the less power it needs to achieve a given level of performance. How is Freudenberg contributing to lightweight technology in the automotive industry?

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